Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th and Other Pictures and News

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Well if you haven't heard already, the big news of the week is that we're having another baby! We found out a few weeks ago and have been keeping it under wraps for a while. But now we've let the cat out of the bag. Vanessa is now 8 or 9 weeks pregnant and last week we had an ultrasound done, and the baby is doing fine. So keep praying for us and the little baby, or peanut which was our codeword for baby during the time we were keeping it secret. We went to MacTown for the 4th and had a great time while we were in. I can't wait till we can go back in for another visit. I want to apologize for the time that has passed since the last time I had posted. Things have been crazy lately, so I just haven't had the time. Well here are the pictures from this past weekend, as well as a few photos from when we all went swimming at our apartment's pool. Enjoy.

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