Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Easter Pictures

I'm fairly busy most days now and don't have time to post while at work, so now I put stuff up at night. Of course when ya'll see these it'll be Monday morning. So anyways, I decided to put up some pictures that Nan 'T' sent me the other day. Hope ya'll like 'em!

papaandgideon gideoneaster2

gideoneaster1 drewbirthday



Nanny said...

Looks like Gideon had a good Easter. We're looking forward to your visit next month.

Drew and Nessa said...

We've been talking about it a lot the past few days. Wish we could come sooner.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Jeri says that those are two good looking boys. Not the one with the duck on his head, but the other two. (I added the last part, Aunt Jeri doesn't want Jay to think she said that about him).
Mom & Aunt Jeri