Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pictures From This Morning

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Sorry about not getting any pictures up since last Friday. I just haven't gotten around to taking any pictures lately. This morning I decided to take a few. I would have had a video of Gideon kissing the baby in the mirror, but I turned the camera sideways like I would when taking a picture and the video turned out sideways. So I'm not going to put it up. Anyways, not much is going on right now. Gideon started going to his new baby sitter's house on Monday and I guess things are going well. There has been some big news concerning my job going full time, but I can't really talk about it on here, so you'll just have to call and ask me. I'm excited though, if that's a good enough teaser for you. Not counting today, we are ten days away from going to Corinth. We're really excited about going. We just wish would could stay longer, but the days of having full weeks off because of school are long gone. Here's looking forward to vacation days!

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Nanny said...

Can't wait to get hold of Gideon!
How about giving your Nanny and Poppy a call?????