Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend News and Photos

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Well we finally made it to Corinth! We went to Corinth on Saturday and spent some time with Nanny and Poppy. We had a great trip and Gideon was in full form this weekend. Aunt Vicki was also there and she got to see Gideon for the first time so we were pleased with that. Nana also came with us and she was glad to get away for awhile. Nanny also made some chocolate pie with some kind of cookie crust. It was really good! The biggest part of the trip was to get a picture of the four Walker generations together. That was probably the highlight of the trip. It's amazing to see the family from the beginning to the present day generation. I took a ton of pictures and a majority of them are on here. I'm hoping that Nan 'T' and Nanny will send me all of the pictures that they took while we were down there. If they do I will post them. And while I'm at it, I will tell ya'll that I am going to start putting these pictures in JPEG format instead of PNG. I found out this weekend that my pictures wouldn't show up if you put them on a CD and took them to Wal-Mart to print. So I'm switching over and making the pictures a little bigger just for printing. Hope that helps. Anyways I have to say though, that we are glad to be back in Knoxville. After close to 13 hours on the road, it's nice to get back home. But we're anxious to get back to Corinth soon. Here is some upcoming news for everyone. This Sunday Nan 'T' and Papa Walker are coming to visit us for awhile. Then two weeks after that, the Orrs will be paying us a visit as well. So things are going to be busy in the month of June. Well I guess that's all for now. Enjoy the rest of the pictures.

gideonvanessa gideonbear

gideonvanessa3 gideonvanessa2

gideonvanessa1 gideonnannypoppy

gideonpapa gideonpapa1

gideonnana gideonnana3

gideonnana2 gideonnana1

corintheverybody1 corintheverybody

gideonpoppy thewalkerboys



dad said...

What a fun weekend. Gideon was the star of the show. Glad you guys got to go.

Nanny said...

It was a fun weekend. Glad we could all get together. Don't wait so long to do it again.

Aunt Vicki & Uncle John said...

Here's the link to our Flickr page with the pics from the weekend.