Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend News and Photos

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Hey everybody! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Not much has been going on this past week and that's why I didn't put up any pictures. We did have a pretty fun weekend though. We got to stay at home with Gideon on Saturday and it was nice just to be able to relax and play with him. On Saturday we played a bit in his room and took some really good pictures. On Sunday, the Maples, a couple from our care group, came to visit us and eat lunch with us. We had a really good time and enjoyed their company. I wish I had taken some pictures. They were a joy to have over. This Saturday night we will be having the Orr's over to stay with us, so that should be fun. In other news, things are finally starting to move with my job. Hopefully I will hear something this week for sure about what's going to happen. Pray for the best. The Lord knows exactly what we need. Well I guess that's all for now. Here's so more pictures. Enjoy.

gideonhat1 gideonchair

gideonchair1 drewgideonsroom

gideonchair2 gideonlaughing

gideonmohawk1 gideonmohawk

nessagideonsroom nessaandgideon1


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Nanny & Poppy said...

Glad to see Gideon is using his chair. Anxious to hear about the job. You can be sure we'll be praying for you...and what God has in mind for you.