Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend News and Photos

Click below for more news and photos.

Well another weekend has come and gone and I have heard the cries of all who demanded photos of Gideon. It's been a fun weekend for us. The Orrs have been with us since Saturday night and we've enjoyed the time we've spent with them. Yesterday we had a cookout and ate a little too much. Later we all ate some Watermelon and went to the pool to play with the boys. Garrison is getting so big. This is the first time we've got to see him, so we were pretty excited. Gideon didn't know what to think of having a baby around him. They would both talk to each other and it was pretty funny. On Wednesday we'll be having the Seats boys over for a few hours, so that will be fun. And my cousin, Jilene, gets married on Friday, so we'll probably get a visit from Nan 'T' and Aunt Jeri. That's about all of the news I can think of right now. Here are some more pictures for ya'll. Enjoy!

gideongarrison gideonpool

gideonpool3 gideonpool2

gideonpool1 walkerboyspool

vanessagideon3 maryjogarrison

garrettgarrison garrettgarrison1

garrettgideon gideongarrison2

garrison1 garrison

gideondrew gideondrew1

vanessagideon1 vanessagideon2



Aunt Vicki said...

Cute pics Drew. I love his pool float! By the way, your pics showed up on my Flickr page this morning under the "Everyone's Photos" display. Cool, huh?

Nanny said...

Now this is the way Mondays are supposed to start out....videos of Gideon and Anna. Good job!