Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend News and Photos

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It has been a busy week and weekend for us. As you remember we had the Orrs over for a few nights last week. Then on Wednesday night we had the Seats boys over. And then on Friday, Nan 'T' came up for my cousin Jilene's wedding. So we've been doing something just about everyday. We enjoyed our time with Nan 'T' and had a good time at Jilene's wedding. Aparently you can't put Uncle Harold, Dickey, or I together because we end up cutting up and joking too much. I took a few pictures at the wedding. I'm hoping that Nan 'T' will send me some pictures from the wedding. That's about all that happened this weekend. I will add that Peyton Manning came to town the other day and there were plans to do an interview with him through the athletic broadcasting department. Unfortunately he had to pull out. Well the guys down at the broadcasting dept. had the 1997 SEC Championship trophy out, so for fun I had my picture taken with it. So this is what it would be like if I had been on that team. Enjoy.

secchampion1 secchampion

gideonoutfit1 gideonoutfit

jeriharoldgideon dickeygideon

jilenewedding2 jilenewedding1


Nan 'T' said...

Gideon sure can write on his magic slate. I think he's handsome in his new shirt and shorts.

Mom said...

Someone mentioned to me how much you and Jilene favor, especially your smiles. I don't think I had ever noticed it before.

Drew and Nessa said...

Don't tell Jilene that.