Friday, July 13, 2007

More News and Pictures of the Week

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Well another week has come and gone and I seem to be getting lazier about updating. So here's what all has been going on this week. On Wednesday night Vanessa and Gideon went back to McMinnville to attend her uncle's funeral. I had to stay in Knoxville, so it was pretty lonely. While in McMinnville Vanessa got to visit with family and enjoy some time alone with Gideon. She was glad to be back though. And I was glad she was back too. Today I took a few pictures of Gideon in his new Tennessee shirt. He's awful cute in it. I'm also posting some pictures that Nan 'T' sent me the other day. That's about all for now. Hope everyone has a good day.

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Mama said...

Gideon looks like a bird dog in his Elmo shirt.