Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend News and Pictures

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Well it has been a very hard week this past week. I am so sorry I haven't posted anything, but I've been doing freelance work with the AAU Jr. Olympics shooting live streaming video. It paid good so I didn't mind the work. The work was actually really easy, but it was just so darn hot that it made the work hard. The guy who was the director over the work I was doing took some pictures of all of the guys working and so I've posted some of those pictures he took of me. In the pictures it looks like I stayed in the shade all day, but don't let that fool you. I did quite a bit of work in the sun. I got a good farmer's tan though. Anyways, not much else has been going on. We've been trying to take it easy since I started the work with the AAU. Now that it's over I'm switching back to regular work, meaning football season is here. So more long nights and yells from coach. Oh well. Gideon was a little sick this past week, but it only lasted a few days. He ran a temperature and so Vanessa took him to the doctor. We found out he weighs 30 pounds, so we're going to cut back on the whole milk that he gets. He's feeling better now and still into everything. He's slowly learning new words. We think he has learned to say 'I did it.' He's also learned to say 'uh huh'(as in agreeing), and 'duhn, duhn, duhn.' There are also other words he is picking up, but half of the time you can't tell they are words until long after he has said them. Yesterday we had the Seats over for lunch and enjoyed our time with them. I took a picture of all three of the boys together. They all looked cute together and had fun running around playing and dancing. Well I guess that's all for now. I'll post more stuff later.

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