Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Manning in Nashville

Click below for more photos.

These are a few pictures that Papa Walker took while at the Colts/Titans game Sunday. Peyton decided to stand there for Papa so that he could take his picture...okay so maybe he didn't, but he got some good shots regardless. Speaking of Papa Walker, Gideon and Joelle were looking at this very blog and apparently Gideon saw Papa's picture and he said 'Papa.' So we're pretty impressed with Gideon's learning right now. He's also saying 'Hi,''Bye,' and 'Great.' He's also singing Jesus Loves Me, but without the words and not very well. But it's music to my ears. His Aunt Jeri gave him a little rabbit a while back that sings Jesus Loves Me and that's where he's hearing it. We're singing with him more now to help him learn the song better. We tried to get him to sing it on camera, but he wouldn't do it. I wish we had some pictures of him from this weekend, but we've been so busy that there just hasn't been time. Speaking of busy, work has been pretty hectic lately. And my job has been moving to being 4/4 of the way complete instead of 3/4. So my job should be 100% ready by the end of this month or the beginning of next month. It's been a long wait, but God has been faithful. He's the only reason I'm getting this job, so all praise belongs to Him. Anyways, I've got to go cover the Press Conference. Hope everyone has a good day!

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Nanny said...

Anxious to hear Gideon sing. I'm sure he gets his talent from his Nan T.