Thursday, November 1, 2007

Weekend News and Pictures

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Well I have been so lazy lately, or busy either one. I don't really have a lot of news to talk about. We recently got Gideon a potty and so I took a few pictures of him trying to use it. He mostly just sits there and reads, but at least he's on it. On Halloween, Gideon went to his day care's party as an ear of corn. Vanessa found the costume idea in a magazine and decided to try it. He looked cute and we took a lot of pictures. I guess that's all for now. Oh, and glad to hear that Nanny is doing well and back at home. Hope everyone has a great day!


Nanny said...

good job on the costume, Vanessa. Cutest little ear of corn I ever saw! Someone else I know likes to read on the potty, too.

Mom said...

Love the costume! You did a great job. I agree with Nanny, he is the cutest ear of corn I ever saw. He looks pretty serious on that potty.

Joelle B said...

What a treat!! Vanessa you did such a great job. He looks so cute. We are so excited to see him today. We can't wait!!