Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back from a Break

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Well it has been a while hasn't it?! Sorry about taking such a long break. The holidays have been very busy and I just haven't had time to put up any photos. But today has been a very slow day, as was yesterday I just didn't have my camera with me nor do I have my camera with me today. Nan 'T' though, sent me some pictures so I decided to put them up. I prefer to have bigger sizes for myself, but she'll send those to me later. But until then, I decided that I would give everyone a peek at these until I get my own photos up. Anyways onto the news. We enjoyed our time in Corinth and MacTown this Christmas, but were very glad to get back home afterwards. Gideon had a decent Christmas and I say decent because he was sick physically and home sick during our time away from Knoxville. He got really sick while in Corinth, but he started feeling better the day we left. For Christmas he got a lot of fun toys. My favorites were the Mr. Potato Head and Thomas the Train Tunnel. We both played with the tunnel yesterday. He's been growing a lot the past few weeks. He's started saying new words like 'Nanny' and 'Poppy.' For those of you who don't know some of the other words he's been learning have been 'ball', 'snowman', and calling Santa 'Big Guy.' I'm sure that there are more words I just can't remember them all. Vanessa and I had a good Christmas too and got a lot of clothes. That's about all I've got for now. Before I go though, I will let you know that the last two pictures were taken by our photographer here at work when I was filming for the AAFL which will be starting up in April. I'll try to put up our photos on Friday if I can. Hope everyone has a great day.


Mom said...

About time you got some photos up. I'll email you pictures again from school tomorrow. As much as I love seeing Gideon on my wallpaper, I just had to set the one of you as my background for awhile. After all, you are my baby!

Nanny said...

I'd say it's about time for something new. I'm tired of seeing "November 30"! You guessed it, this is from Nanny.

Mom said...

Dad and I both love the last picture of you and the camera. Could you get us copies or email us one that we can sent to Wal-Mart to be printed?

chrissy said...

Love the new purse Nessa! I love Vera Bradley!