Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Photos

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Not much here news wise, I just thought I would put up a few photos of Gideon and let everybody know how we're doing. Things are going well for us. Sports unfortunately are taking up a lot of my time. Gideon just moved up to the 2-3 year old class this week and he's enjoying that. Apparently he has a lot of friends in his class. Nan 'T' and Papa Walker are planning on coming up for the Lady Vols vs. MSU game on Sunday and will be hanging out with us for the rest of the evening. Next week we plan on going to MacTown for a little while, so that will be fun. Well that's all for now. Hope everyone has a great day and weekend.


Mom said...

Wow! Gideon looks so grown up! He's such a good looking boy and it looks like he had a haircut. See you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I agree! He's lost his 'baby' look. Very handsome young man. Wish we could see you Sunday, too.