Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Photos

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I have heard your cries and here are some photos of Gideon. I took these a while back, so although they aren't new they are new to you. News wise we haven't had a whole lot going on, but here are a few things we did have happen. On Sunday Nana came up to visit us until she had to leave on Wednesday morning. We all had a good time together and I had planned on taking pictures while she was up here and then I forgot. Gideon really enjoyed having his Nana visit him and was not too happy when she left. Also yesterday was a pretty eventful day for me. First I found a baseball on my way to work near Gibbs hall, so that was pretty exciting considering that I haven't played baseball or probably held one in a long time. The big news however was the little surprise I got last night. The family and I went to town last night to return some things and Vanessa wanted to stop at Ross before we went home. So we went over there and I told her I was going to the Game Stop, a video game store, to look around. I joked that I was going to see if they had any Nintendo Wiis, which have been scarce all over. She said, you never know there might be one there. I laughed it off and said I would see them later. Well low and behold they had a Nintendo Wii, and so we decided to make this my late birthday, early father's day and Christmas present. We're actually both pretty excited about it. Eventually we'll get a Nintendo WiiFit, an aerobics like thing for the Wii, which is what Vanessa's been wanting to get so we can exercise at home. So that's pretty big news. Oh, one more thing. I got my picture taken with all 8 National trophies of the Lady Vols basketball team recently and posted only one photo, though I had a few more where I was goofing off. I decided not to post them since I didn't think it would be a good idea. If you want to see a few email me and I'll send them. Well that's all for now. Hopefully I'll take some pictures of us this week.


Mom said...

Biscuits & milk...the Breakfast of Champions or little champions to be like Gideon. Love the photos. Thanks for posting new ones of both of you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos. it's about time! ....the game? I thought you had some really exciting news!