Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend News and Pictures

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For once I am on time for putting up new photos. I took a few new photos this weekend because I actually had more time on my hands. Yesterday was our 6th anniversary. It was pretty uneventful though because we're waiting to celebrate some time this week. We'll probably go see Iron Man at the movies. Gideon got a haircut this weekend. Vanessa sat him down and trimmed his hair up a bit. I think it looks a lot better. If I get a chance today I will take a new picture of Gideon because it is 'Mis-Match Day' at day care today. His clothes are so mis-matched that Vanessa said it was like I clothed him like I normally do. I've got style too you know. Today I decided to put up some pictures of our new entertainment center, or whatever you call it. Looks cool to me. Anyways that's about all I got for today. Hope everyone has a great day.

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Very nice. Thanks for the pics.