Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend News and Pictures

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Hey everybody! We had another eventful weekend for the fourth. On Thursday afternoon we made our way back to MacTown to spend the weekend there. During our stay Papa Walker and I decided to try our hand at golfing. We soon realized that we are not Tiger Woods. Heck we aren't even Tiger Woods when he was three years old. We were pretty bad, but we had a good time. After that we went to Hardees where for the first time and probably the last, I lost my retainer for good. So now I look like a toothless redneck. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon. Despite that aggravating incident, we had a really good time. We all went over to Nan 'T' and Papa Walker's, along with Nana, to cook out and enjoy the fourth. On Saturday we all went downtown and enjoyed their fourth celebration on the fifth. We took Gideon over to the fountain and he loved that. Later that evening we went to the Lowes parking lot to watch the fireworks from the civic center. Gideon really enjoyed that. We came back on Sunday and are glad to be back. I went ahead and posted a few photos that we took. I'm sure Nan 'T' will send us more photos for me to post. I also put up some photos from the other day where I was helping our photographer. She took some good head shots. Anyways hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and has a great rest of the day!

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Dad said...

It was fun having yall here. I think we only lost 7 golf balls. and nobody got hurt. Dad