Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend News and Pictures

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It's been another fun weekend for the Walker family. This weekend we had Uncle Charles and Aunt Bev along with Nan 'T' and Papa Walker come visit us. Now I can reveal what my big surprise for Uncle Charles was. I took Uncle Charles down on the field to watch the pregame events on Saturday. He was pretty excited and he got to take a lot of photos while he was down there. In fact I took his picture with Tee Martin standing next to him. Tee was really nice about it. Hopefully Uncle Charles will send me all of his photos so I can post them soon. He even had a prime spot to take pictures of the team running through the T. At one point while we were down there, Tennessee's punter kicked the ball near us and Uncle Charles ran over to get it for the manager. So you can see a picture of Uncle Charles trying out for quarterback below. We had a great time on the field and I was able to show him some of the new work they had done on the stadium and near the locker room. I was impressed with Uncle Charles for standing out in the hot sun for a long while. I was getting worn out and he was still trucking along. I must be out of shape! But all in all, we had fun and Aunt Bev got to see her first UT game at Neyland Stadium. Nan 'T' and I took a lot of pictures while they were in. Nan 'T' wanted to play the Wii and show Uncle Charles how to play, so he took a crack at it. He bowled better than Nan 'T' did! They also had a good time with Gideon. He showed out for them and even took a few pictures. So take a look and guess which ones he took. He was really sad when Nan 'T' and Papa Walker had to leave. He didn't want them to go and even cried after them when they drove away. Speaking of Gideon, the little guy isn't feeling so well. Vanessa is planning on picking him up a little early from school today because he has a little cough and some sniffles. I'm sure he'll get to feeling better soon. I put some pants and a jacket on him this morning because it was cold, so take a look at the picture I took of him this morning. Well that's about all I've got for now. Enjoy the pictures and I hope I have more to show later.

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Nanny said...

What an exciting weekend! Didn't realize that 70 year old brother of mine played quarterback over the weekend. He forgot to tell me that! Thanks for sharing.