Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas News and Photos

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Christmas time is here and gone. It seems as the older I get, the quicker Christmas gets here. Why couldn't it have been like that when I was a kid?! Oh well. Christmas was a lot of fun this year. Gideon got a lot of presents and liked the toys he had gotten. Most of his toys were car related. Both cars and Cars the movie stuff. His favorite toys right now are the two Lightening McQueen cars he got in his stocking. If we had known that those would be the only toys he'd play with we would have just gotten him those. He also got a V-Tech laptop from Aunt Jeri, which is not really a laptop in the real sense of a computer. It has a lot of educational games on it and right now he's pretty good with uppercase letters. It's helping him say the letter and know what it is at the same time. He got a lot of other stuff too, but I'm not going to get into that right now. Vanessa and I got a lot of stuff we had needed and a few things we wanted, so that was great for us. Nan 'T' should be sending us some pictures from last week sometime today or tomorrow, so when I get those I'll post them. Hope everyone has a great day.

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Nanny said...

We enjoyed have you "with" us at Vicki's even tho you were just on the computer. It was fun. Thanks for taking care of our "family". Wish we could have "seen" Gideon.