Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Weekend News and Pictures

Click below for news and photos.

Well I have been really behind on putting up pictures and news lately. Things have been really busy since football practice started and when season starts it will only get worse. This past weekend Nan 'T' and Papa Walker came to visit us and we all had a good time together. Nan 'T' took some pictures and so I decided to post a few of them. On Monday night Vanessa went to get us some supper at Hardees, and Gideon got to eat his first kid's meal. We thought it was a pretty big moment, so I took some pictures of him. As always his pictures are very cute. That's about all I got for now. Oh, and for your enjoyment, there's a picture of Miss Carol at the bottom. Have a great day everybody.


Nanny said...

You're right, the first kid's meal is an important occasion. Tell Miss Carol she never looked more glamorus....but don't tell her who said it!

Mom said...

Who got the toy from the Happy Meal?