Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend News and Pictures

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It has been a very tiresome weekend! Saturday was a rough one with the Lady Vols soccer team opening their new stadium and the football team having a scrimmage at night. I have to say I am beat. But enough about me, on Friday Vanessa and Gideon had to go to the doctor. Vanessa went to see how her blood levels were from the clot and the doctor said her levels are normal and she can eat all the leafy greens she wants. So that was great news for us. Gideon had to go get more shots and apparently he wasn't too happy about that. We found out he weighs around 30-31lbs. and is 31-32in. tall. The doctor said he looked healthy and is doing good. He actually wants Gideon back on whole milk. In other news, Poppy had his book signing on Saturday. Papa Walker told me there was a good turn out and that Nanny and Poppy were very excited about the signing. We should be getting our copy of the book when we go home on Labor Day weekend. Well that's about all for today. Hope everyone has a great day!

Oh and check out Gideon's new Tennessee shirt!


Nanny said...

Your Dad has your book. We've already ordered the second printing.
Gideon is one cute Vol fan!

Mom said...

You need to give Gideon an orange and white shaker so he can start practicing for the first game.